Certified quality

In January 2001 the company Anlagenbau Neundörfer was already the first company in Bavaria to have the management system ISO9001: 2000 certified by the Bavarian State Trade Agency.
Since then all re-certifications and re-exams have been passed successfully. With the first possibility in 2016 we already switched to the current version ISO9001: 2015. The introduction from 2015 and certification in 2016 of the environmental management system ISO14001: 2015 was from the company-specific perspective only a logical consequence.

In order to meet today's high safety standards in our own company and on construction sites, the SCC * (Safety Certificate Contractors) certificate has been available since 2009. Like the two management systems mentioned above, this is subject to an annual inspection by an independent testing institute (TÜV-Sued).

The company Neundörfer has an European welding engineer (EWE) and an expert welding specialist, who live quality awareness beyond the existing HP0 / HR100 certification.