A look back into the past

With the foundation in 1986 of the engineering office by Bernhard Neundörfer the foundation stone was laid. The aim of this office was the design and calculation for heat exchangers.

Bernhard Neundörfer came as group leader for the design of heat exchangers for auxiliary and ancillary plants of a nuclear power plant from the former Power Plant Union (KWU). With this background, he was able to incorporate his experience directly into the planning documents and specifications for the construction of cooling systems. Initially, these systems were tendered by the customer after planning and outsourced. But the quality of these products left much to be desired. Therefore, the pure engineering office was expanded to a manufacturing company. This field was then steadily expanded and optimized.

In 1998 Martin Haensel joined the company and Anlagenbau Neundörfer GmbH was founded. On this foundation the first own building of the company with offices and manufacturing in Langensendelbach emerged in 2000. In 2010 the building was extended. One year later, Andreas Muckelbauer completed his last internship at the company. After two years as an authorized signatory, he was appointed to the management board in 2016.