Our cooling systems
are part of a larger project

Reliability and on-time delivery are therefore indispensable. Neundörfer GmbH guarantees the reliability of our high-quality systems by means of special test facilities with which we simulate their later use still in our factory. Before delivery, each system passes a hydraulic pressure test that is far above its actual requirements. Of course, we also offer you the opportunity to inspect the systems yourself on site. We offer our customers the opportunity to visit us at every stage of the project.

Since we carry out most of the processes from the order to the commissioning in our company, you can rely on our work on schedule. Process-oriented, ISO 9001-certified management methods guarantee efficient, cost-reduced and calculable workflows. Our carefully selected partners and suppliers are very familiar to us and optimally integrated into our work processes.

This is how we guarantee you reliability and punctuality:

  • Extensive pre-testing of our systems before delivery
  • Acceptance of the system on site by the customer
  • Control of internal work processes through modern, ISO 9001-certified management methods
  • Control of external work processes through reliable partners and suppliers