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We wish to advise that, when you leave our web site using a link to an external site, the web site you are navigating to is no longer one administered by us, and we are unable to assume any responsibility for the contents thereof. Please note that the data protection rules and conditions of use of that other web site, to the extent such exist, shall govern your use thereof. We therefore ask that you read the data protection rules and conditions of use for the selected web site prior to selecting it.

Legal advice
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1. You may browse through this web site without restriction but you may not download information from this site, including texts or images, for any other than non-commercial use. Furthermore, you may not, without the written consent of Anlagenbau Neundörfer GmbH, disseminate, modify, transmit, further process, forward or use the information for public or commercial purposes.

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4. Anlagenbau Neundörfer GmbH has not examined any of the web sites of third parties which contain links to this web site, and it is not responsible for the contents of such sites external to this web site or of other sites linked to this site. If you wish to create a link from your web site to this one, you may only create such a link to our home page. You may not create a link to any other page within this web site without the prior written consent of Anlagenbau Neundörfer GmbH.

5. Anlagenbau Neundörfer GmbH assumes no liability for links from our site to others, and we are not responsible for the correctness or legality of the contents of such other sites. We accept no liability arising from an infringement or a failure to act with respect to the data protection rules of third parties.

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